Patio Staining

Restore our update of the color of your patio while being protected.

It improves the appearance of concrete surfaces, conceals or reduces the appearance of many imperfections too.

Make your patio look like your own resort and make everyone have fun outdoors!


We offer 2 different type of staining:

Patio Classic Staining

lassic Staining is a process of a durable, weather-resistant 100% Acrylic based formula stain that comes in many colors with semi-transparent or solid color following up with a coat of sealant to bring extra protection to the floor and colors.

Semi-Transparent Color Selection:
It will show the floor texture and slightly combine with the original color while hiding some of its natural appearance.

Concrete Stain Semi-Transparent - 1
Concrete Stain Semi-Transparent - 2

Solid Color:
Shows no texture or original floor color.
It will cover every detail and inperfection.

Concrete Stain Solid Color - 1
Concrete Stain Solid Color - 2
Concrete Stain Solid Color - 3

Patio Acid Staining

Acid Staining is a process of permanently staining the floor with acid color.

Acid staining brings an elegant unique look to your floor with many colors to choose from, this type of stain is preferred outdoor flooring because of its durability and permanent color that truly last.

Acid Stain Color Chart